What is Favemenu?

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We understand the ins and outs of setting up an ordering system and the exorbitant fees major ordering apps are charging. 

Here at Favemenu, we want to cut through all the tape and provide a touch-free, digital ordering service in an easy-to-navigate package. 

So what do we do?

  • Design and build your menus
  • Hands-on setup in 48 hours
  • Generate QR codes for your menu for safe and contactless ordering
  • Simple and affordable fee structure
  • No monthly fees
  • No hidden fee

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Check out our how-to video here and get started today:

Team Photos Have Arrived!

Finally! We got some photos of the team! During our last in-person work day, we had a good opportunity to take some photos of the team…

We were able to take some portraits and garage office photos as a homage to the late Steve Jobs. Check them out below!

Açaí Joint x favemenu

March 30, 2019

A few weeks ago, one of our co-founders (Randy) was visiting one of his local restaurants (Açaí Joint). During his visit he noticed that they had no website so he pitched them our services including a photoshoot to showcase items, build a photo menu, earn more Yelp reviews, and a simple homepage. Two weeks later, we had the pleasure of doing our very first “favemenu function”!

With only two weeks to execute the four objectives, we immediately started planning by booking a second photographer to help our main photographer, who is a co-founder. Then, we reached out to our network of Yelp Elites and IG influencers. Our platform was created to host photo menus and basic restaurant data, so we were covered there.

In the end, we felt like we did a fine job. Take a look at our photos below!

Also, check out the completed menu here:https://www.favemenu.co/store/acai-joint-baldwin-park

The owner, Almon, taking care of some of our invited guests and regular customers. Take a look at the balloons!
Our co-founder, Randy, on the front lines!

In return, we got a few shout outs, a full menu, and a link to our page!

Shout out to @favemenu from @acai_joint
Official website @ favemenu.co
Gallery for their Açaí Joint’s OG Bowl
Thank you, Almon!